Medium, and wherein object light applications designed to make it suitable for visual perception is defined as light in desired sizes. lighting made under certain criteria in order to meet the demands of a mass line in all general lighting. Locations in general lighting as well as a variety of stress, or if routing to different light levels needed illumination of the partial area is defined as regional lighting.
Regional lighting to ensure the brightness level while sometimes necessary in cases where inadequate general lighting; sometimes it used to stress in order to take an object or aesthetics.


Lighting is designed in order to ensure the detection of objects and the environment in the best way. to be seen “something”, that is, at a certain place at a certain time, that created the visual perception subject to certain conditions and for certain purposes, a dining table and the people around him, a teacher and a blackboard, a lecturer, an interior as a whole, a scene, objects in a showcase, an exhibition of paintings, etc. the top of a workbench., or a swimming pool, a building’s facade, monuments, gardens and so on. Create as many different species or a combination of the most “stuff” might be. We request clarification “things” that make up objects, shiny or matte finish; colors, textures, or form but, more or less important; very small or large; moving or may be stationary. They need to be seen in time may be too short or long. People in the place where this object, or may be out of it. So light, considering the wide range of variables, calculations and techniques are applied, is a science that has a value in itself. So in short, has paid attention to the external appearance of objects illuminated decorations made by placing the left and right or dark against hostile attitudes are concepts that have nothing to do with almost lighting.

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