Led Lighting


“Light Emitting Diode” is used as an abbreviation for the word of the LED, semiconductor, diode-based light-emitting element is an electronic circuit. It was invented in the 1920s in Russia. LED lighting also remove the name frequently appears.

Oleg Vladimirovich diodes used in radio receiver has a radio technician Losev have noticed that emit light and has published their inventions for LED in a Russian newspaper in 1927. Moving from this LED development in 1962 was converted into an electronic component in America.

Minimum energy production and longevity has distinct advantages such. LED lighting in the living area and used in a number of different models.


LED Features

LEDs are semiconductor properties.
LED lightening agents is silicon.
Current data with the release photons of light when they are late.
LED lighting products are manufactured in such a way that the light at different angles.
Led graph of voltage-current exponential.
To avoid deterioration due to high current LEDs series connected with a current-limiting resistor. This prevents deterioration of the non-sensitive LED voltage range.
LEDs reduce tension on a fixed like a Zener diode.
Red LED 2.20 V, 3.30 V LED green, blue and white LED voltage 3.40 V works.
Led Types

Single LED: The first is the generation LED system. Drawn on a printed circuit board electronics and LEDs are arranged according to the circuit shape. LED lighting systems at home in one of the preferred models.

DC LED: There is a drive that secures the LED current to work. Are working with direct current system may be called.

AC LED: LED systems are connected to the mains by means of the drive working.

RGB LEDs: These LEDs can be color changed. 16.7 million different colors LED lighting can be achieved.

COB LED: Installation and replacement of the module LEDs are easier. LEDs collected at the center point based on the operation of the system together.

Linear LED: Single LEDs are generated by arrays on a printed circuit board. Singer is led derivatives.

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