Interior and Exterior Painting


Protects the surface and gives images with decorative or covering pigments form a layer of liquid or powder products placed on the surface in thin layers “paint” is called. substances contained in these paints may be divided into four main groups: binders, solvents, pigments and fillers, additives.

1. Connector: Paint protection, adhesion, hardness, flexibility, chemical substances that are the physical and chemical resistance properties.
2 Solvents: paint are the chemicals that make up the essential part. Paint, used to provide viscosity and ease of application during production.
3- pigment and extender are (fillers): Gives the paint color and saves opacity property.
4- additives: paint to improve some properties and is used to prevent unwanted adverse change. For example, heaters, crash prevention, thickeners, mold inhibitors, UV rays etc providing resistance.



All paints are named by the type of bonding in the structure. For example, acrylic paint binder while acrylic, alkyd paint binder is a synthetic based.

In preferred dyes developed for internal wall surfaces have to be made primarily by the paint solvent. synthetic-based paints with water-based paints, the differences in terms of features and performance available. Although water-based paint to breathe properties, synthetic (satin etc.) it does not have this feature in the paint. However, water-based paints comprising alkali effect on the wall (with moisture) are much more resistant. resistance is much higher than deletion of synthetic based paints to water-based paint. However, the risk of yellowing of such paint is available. After the synthetic water-based and there is a choice of image choice will emerge. These water-based paint; matte and semi-gloss, matte paint is based on synthetic, semi-dull (satin) and bright it is seen.

Those dull image in water-based paints based PV in general, they are separated from each other based on acrylic or acrylic copolymer.

If the glossy synthetic paint used on the walls due to excessive reflection of light is not very common. Generally, wooden doors, windows and appropriate primers are used with metals. to achieve the desired in all paint surface should be prepared to paint and primer must be used.


In exterior paints and coatings available. Paint, thin and rough texture while leaving the coating creates a more grainy texture. Outside in the paint and coatings used in the facade are three types of water and solvent based and silicone. The high-resistance silicon is used in the paint against the facade and moisture, allowing the binding of adhesion to the surface were so named because it contains silicon.

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