Electrical Installations


Electrical installations, industrial plants, housing, shopping centers, places of worship, cinemas, theaters, hospitals as places where electrical devices these devices work, called all been mounted for controlling high and low current equipment.

Said installation, if the matter in a closed space, such as “internal electrical installations”, in an open space such as factory “external power supplies” as it is called.


Electrical installation consists of the following materials:

  • Electric pipes,
  • Strong and weak current cables,
  • Cable trays, cable ladders and cable channels,
  • Plugs and switches,
  • The grounding cable, grounding conductors, grounding rods and strips,
  • Circuit boards, power supply and control equipment,
  • Boxes and terminals,
  • Connectors.
  • Electrical installations, prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Natural

Resources and implemented according to regulations published in the official gazette. No electrical installation project can not be realized without consent. Electrical installation project should be done well in preparing the calculation. materials, selection of great value should be chosen low cost of significantly upgrading the value of the feed may prevent the desired device.

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