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What is marble?

High pressure and temperature results in a limestone amended (is limestone. Which consists of the remains of marine pet marble, crystal is a granular stone. Remove from heat, water will not be damaged. Mostly white strand of marble, there are colored in. The wide usage area is made and heykelcili. ” sugar marble »is also called the pure white marble. the white color of marble« calcium carbonate »with« dolomite »(ie calcium and magnesium carbonate) crystal data.

What is ceramic?

tiles made of clay, plates, bowls, cups, called such things as vases. After they are formatted in hand or machine, cooked in a special oven to harden. Ceramic, according to the type of dough used in this work is divided into two major groups: 1) Porous ceramics and 2) non-porous ceramic (Pekez). Porous ceramics are leaking fluid put into them. Pekez made of compacted pulp while they are baked at high temperature fluids szdırmaz cost.


What are the properties of ceramic?

Mechanical properties: Compressive strength The tensile strength was very high although it is very low. internal structural defects in that they are brittle, dents, scratches and micro cracks cause the stress concentration, due to the drawing action are brittle. The average compressive strength of ceramics is eight times the tensile strength. The resistance to tensile residual compressive stresses forming on the surface through thermal treatment can be increased. The slip resistance of ceramic is very high, so the plastic break off without substitution. Some are also used widely as they are very hard abrasive materials.

Electrical Characteristics: Ceramics are generally insulating and dielectric materials. Not conduct electricity, but they react in the electric field. Electronic storage is greatly influenced by the electric field formed by surface polarization causes. ceramic with a high dielectric capacitor is used in the production. Certain ceramics has semiconducting properties. Quartz crystal of barium titanate and the mechanical action of the electrical response, they turn electrical response to mechanical response. This so-called piezoelectric ceramics have this feature is used in the electronics industry.

Characteristics of Marble

Inside of the main areas of the marble buildings and outside (floor and wall tiles, stairs, columns, fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom-bath, exterior wall coverings), particularly, ornaments and gift eşyalardır.merm the use referred to in değerlendirilmektedir.yukarı as mosaic crumbs the selection of properties to suit the space with marble taşır.Bu therefore of great importance, must be considered in the review of specifications below.

1 Hardness

Hard marbles, as kullanılır.genel more in upholstery and door sills in the building, the hardness of the marble with the increase of silicate minerals in cutting and shaping of artar.sert marble response to the more difficult and masraflıdır.b, agrees very good finish.

2 Water Absorption

importance for the marble used in the exterior cladding of the building to absorb water more taşır.zir the rain water causes dissolution, affecting especially in carbonate containing marble.

3 Bulk Density

Recognizing the determination of unit weight of transport costs, it is necessary in the selection and hoisting ropes used in static analysis work.

4 Porosity

With the increase in the economic value of the porosity of marble azalır.zir, the put feature azalmaktadır.mermer increase the porosity degree of porosity is used as a measure against the effects of the atmosphere.

5 Wear Loss

The impact of human traffic, knowledge of corrosion losses may occur in the marble slabs to be used in friction results flooring and stairs, wear loss caused by the effect of önemlidir.sürtün in accordance with the marble choice is usually high in carbonaceous marble, the midwives in magmatic origin marble because of the characteristics of minerals in the mineral content and includes, therefore, determining the areas of the marble frictional wear value it is considered satisfactory as an indication.

6 Compressive Strength

Marble crystal state, porosity, the amount of CaCO3 and foreign

According to the article content is variable, 500-1500 kgf / cm2, more in the direction perpendicular to the bedding education can differ, and in parallel with more strength azdır.basınç marble structure is used as an indicator to determine the place of use.

7 Colors

Real marble tonlardadır.ancak white when they are pure, earth-colored marbles more yaygındır.renklen up, forming a marble basis of secondary or lesser extent beside the mineral kaynaklanır.renk the presence of foreign elements and minerals and are of that play an important role in the pattern of trade.

8 Transparency

Marble özelliğidir.in to bring the light of the transparency properties of crystalline marble yüksektir.Bu features more high marble used in making ornaments and sculptures-traşcılık.

9 Wax Retention

keep polishing the marble features differences in gösterir.genel hard marble better polish accept ederler.merm is pleated at the company factory and sized market value of marble, this market value of nearby ilgilidir.i polished non-material polished ability of the material is low.

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