Apartment Video Communication Systems


Video Intercom system made the application for the building and the site is a general name of the building intercom system that provides voice and video calls. Video Intercom systems are implemented especially for apartment buildings and sites. The yanısıar is available in individually applied to the villa and office products. Office and ensuring safety in the workplace and is used to detect people coming through the office.


Today, construction projects across the video intercom systems are preferred. Especially the site and to view available housing in public areas with preferred video intercom systems, social facilities, to meet with security and preferred products in the construction industry with features talks between apartments.

Video intercom systems are price differences according to the screen size and product specifications. video intercom system in the conversation 2.5 “screen size from 7” varies according to screen size. As well as apartments from negotiations between blocks, etc. meeting with security. interviews with social facilities can be provided.

Video intercom system for apartment-house monitors, bell panel discussions, along with many elements such as power supplies can be made to work and talk.

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